Mastering Logical Fallacies

Lesson 31: Fallacies of Emotion

In this section, we cover five fallacies that are directly related to emotion: Appeal to Ridicule, Appeal to Pity, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Desperation, and Appeal to Anger. We are both creatures of emotion and logic, and despite what some may want to believe, emotion is a very important part of our humanity. Reason alone cannot guide our actions, but emotions often get in the way. In this lesson we will discuss this important distinction.

By the end of this section, students will learn

  • how pity should not guide reason
  • emotion can be both a powerful ally and foe to reason
  • desperate times may call for desperate measures, but not irrational ones
  • how talking louder and with more anger does not make one more right
  • how powerful fear can be in clouding our ability to reason