How To Sift Through Media Bullsh*t

Lesson 1: Introduction

We're not blank slates. We all bring to the table a lifetime of values, beliefs, and background information that play a big part in how we interpret new information. In addition, our brains are not wired for reason; they're wired for procreation and survival. This results in us taking mental shortcuts to conserve cognitive energy at the expense of reason. This phenomenon is demonstrated through what are known as cognitive biases. In this lesson, we'll go over ten of the most problematic cognitive biases when it comes to consuming information. The reason we're doing this, is because the most effective way to combat our own biases is to be aware of them.

Let's not pretend objective facts don't exist and everything is up for debate. In practical terms (not bizarrely philosophical terms), there are things are simply true, no matter how many people deny them.

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