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Competitive Advantage: Why You Should Use VirversitY vs. Another Online Learning Platform

We realize that you have some choices when it comes to creating an online course. We didn't create this platform because there were no others; we created it because none of the others were doing it right.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose VirversitY as your online learning platform.

Instructor-Evaluated Course Option

Using VirversitY, in addition to the self-evaluated course option that requires no instructor interaction, instructors can offer a instructor-evaluated course option for a premium price that allows the students to interact with the instructor through advanced assignments with instructor feedback and direct communication. This is an amazing income opportunity for instructors.

Simple Course Creation Options

Sometimes you don't have thousands of dollars to invest in creating an online course. Perhaps you realize that 10 production hours for every one hour of video would make creating an online course a waste of your resources given the probable return on your investment. No problem! With our proprietary multi-media presentation tool, you can create your course quickly and professionally, without being forced to comply with unprofitable standards.

Advanced Learning Features

Interaction is the key to learning. While watching video is enjoyable and preferable to reading for most people, it alone is not very good for retention. With our learning platform, you can use tools such as keywords, terms and definition matching, quizzes, assignments, to do lists, and more. Not only will your students enjoy your course, they will learn from it, as well.

Adult-Level Learning Games!

Nobody's too old to have fun, and learning can (should) be fun. We make it easy to turn your learning material into games that can be played in group environments such as classrooms, organizational retreats, conferences, seminars, or any other place where people are gathered to learn. See an example!

"Evergreen" Courses Rock

Sure, creating a course might be a lot of work. But once it is done, it is done, and if it is a course with only a self-paced student option, you can just sit back and let your course bring in revenue for you for years.

You've Got Partners!

We are not just the people hosting your course; consider us your partners. We only make money when your course succeeds. Through our promotion and marketing efforts, your course(s) will benefit. We are in this together!

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