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Set Up Course

The setup screen has several sections, but the instructions for all of the sections are the same. To expand the section, click on the section header. For a much more detailed how to, enroll in the course, “How to Create a Course Using VirversitY”.


Go To the Couse Setup Page

Make sure you are logged into your course as the instructor, and under the "Instructor Tools" menu, you will find the "Set Up Course" menu item. Click that, then start by clicking the first section header: "Course Look and Design."


Complete the Information in that Section

Go through the requested information one at a time. The fields with a star to the left of the name are required before the course can go live. All the information you need (or could want) is either under the field name, in the "Best Practices" box associated with the field, or can be found by clicking the "more" link either in the field information or the best practices.

Click the next section header and repeat this step for each section header.


Save the Information

There are some fileds that are automatically saved when entered, but most require you to click the "Configure" button at the bottom of the page. Make sure you do this any time you make any changes on this course setup page.

When you make changes to the design of your course, be sure to RELOAD your web browser. For most browsers, this is done by holding the shift while clicking the reload button near the browser's address bar. Reloading clears the cached images and style files in your browser so you can see the updated design (other users who have not accessed your page before will not need to do this).

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