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How to Create an Online Course Using VirversitY

Presented by Bo Bennett, PhD

This is a course on how to create a course using the VirversitY online learning platform. Not only will you learn everything there is to know, but you will get to experience interacting with this course software and all its features.

Learn How To Create an Online Course

Learn all about planning your course
Become familiar and comfortable with the online learning platform
Walk through the setup process with the instructor
See how a lesson is created
Learn what you need to know about course administration

Don't Waste Time with a Learning Curve.

Although this course software was created to be intuitive with no explicit instruction book needed, this course goes beyond the technical and addresses much of the business aspect of running a course.

By the end of this course, you should be well versed in setting up online courses using this platform, and get your course right the first time around!


This course was designed for students 13 and up.

Learning Resources

For this course, text, audio, and video resources are used. All of the resources are compatible with virtually all modern web-browsers and mobile devices.

Instructor Availability

The instructor is available for students to discuss course-specific content via e-mail, online chat, Skype, and telephone for the first six months of the course (instructor-evaluated option only).


You should have at least registered your course ID here before starting this course, or at least register your course after the first lesson.

Required Resources

There are no required resources for this course.

Optional Resources

There are no optional resources for this course.

Course Organization

This course begins with an introduction lesson, then the other lessons presented are in no particular order. You are free to skip around to the lessons that interest you most at the time and complete the lessons in any order.


This course is graded on a pass/redo scale. When lessons are reviewed, the student will either get a "pass" or a "redo". Students can redo assignments as many times as they like. All of the lessons are evaluated by both manual review of lesson-specific assignments and automatic grading of quizzes.

Student Evaluation

This course contains instructor-reviewed assignments, self-evaluated assignments, and multiple choice quizzes. There are no due dates or time limits on any of the assignments or quizzes.

Student Expectations

As a self-paced course, there are no time expectations. However, student support is limited to 6 months from the start of the course date. Students are expected to communicate with instructors and other students in a professional and respectful manner.

This Syllabus May Be Updated

The contents of this syllabus may change from time to time. All students will be notified by e-mail of any significant changes.

Lessons in this Course

Click on any lesson below to see the lesson details. If you are a student and logged in, or if the lesson is a sample lesson, you will be able to go to the lesson.

Lesson #1: Introduction (sample lesson)

Lesson #1: Introduction

Note: Most of these tutorials were created on our BooksToCourses.com course website. This uses the same VirversitY online course software. I just note this because I don't want to confuse you if you are coming from one of our other course websites.

This lesson focuses on some introductory information on creating a course. Including

Guide contents
Can you really do this yourself?
What is an online course?
Will your book work as an online course?
Why would people want to take your course?
The course architect

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Lesson #2: Planning Your Course (sample lesson)

Lesson #2: Planning Your Course

This lesson focuses on the following topics:

How is the course going to be adapted from your book?
Using your resources and talents
The instructors
Self-evaluated vs. instructor-evaluated options
Free vs. paid courses
How much to charge?
Quality graphic design
Contact information
Marketing information
Required / suggested texts
Separating your content into "lessons"

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Lesson #3: Getting Familiar with the Online Course Platform (sample lesson)

Lesson #3: Getting Familiar with the Online Course Platform

Most people can generally figure things out as they go—this was designed to be intuitive. But for the purpose of completeness, I am including this section. This will also help chop away at the learning curve.

In this lesson we look at

What guest, student, and instructor access looks like
Getting familiar with the layout of the website
Overview of instructor access features
The Q&A tool

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Lesson #4: Setting Up Your Course (sample lesson)

Lesson #4: Setting Up Your Course

This lesson focuses on the setup of the course via the Instructor Menu > "Set Up Course". The videos cover the following sections:

Course Look and Design
General Setup Information
Other Tools Options
Course Setup
Course Textbooks
Course Prices and Promotions
Google Tracking (combined with last video)

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Lesson #5: Creating Lessons (sample lesson)

Lesson #5: Creating Lessons

This lesson focuses on what it takes to create a lesson. I walk you through each section on the lesson creation page. Including

Lesson Details
Lesson To Do List
Lesson Resources
Enrolled Student Only Lesson Resources
Lesson Presentation
Lesson Podcast
Lesson Videos
Lesson Key Points
Lesson Terms and Definitions
Lesson Discussion Questions
Lesson Assignments
Lesson Quiz

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Lesson #6: Miscellaneous Course Administration (sample lesson)

Lesson #6: Miscellaneous Course Administration

This lesson focuses on Miscellaneous Course Administration tasks such as:

Submitting your course for approval
Making changes to your course once it is live
Viewing/searching students
Contacting students
E-mailing course announcements
Using the questions and answers tool
Managing testimonials
Viewing course stats (coming soon)
Viewing payment reports (coming soon)

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About Your Instructor

Bo Bennett, PhD. Bo Bennett is the founder of VirversitY.com and creator/programmer of the learning platform. He holds a PhD is social psychology, completing a dissertation on social intelligence in online learning. He has been creating online software since 1995, when he created one of the first web-based webhosting platforms.

You can find out more about Bo by visiting his website at http://www.bobennett.com.

Course Rating

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Course Information

Instructor-Evaluated Course:

  • 6 lessons
  • 30 videos
  • 35 narrated slides
  • 15 discussion questions
  • 11 terms and definitions
  • 7 self-evaluated assignments
  • 35 multiple-choice quiz questions
  • upon successful completion of this course, students will receive an authenticated certificate of completion
  • 4 instructor-evaluated assignments
  • direct access to the instructor for one-on-one, personalized learning
  • upon successful completion of this course, students will also receive a more personalized letter of achievement that can be added to any resume or CV.

A total of approximately 5 hours 5 minutes of student learning.

Why Take the Instructor-Evaluated Course?
I am here to help you setup your course which includes creating graphics, helping with marketing language, course design, and more.

- Bo Bennett, PhD, Instructor

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