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Planning Your Course

Estimated Lesson Time: 1 hour 5 minutes (instructor-evaluated option)

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Lesson Introduction

This lesson focuses on the following topics:

How is the course going to be adapted from your book?
Using your resources and talents
The instructors
Self-evaluated vs. instructor-evaluated options
Free vs. paid courses
How much to charge?
Quality graphic design
Contact information
Marketing information
Required / suggested texts
Separating your content into "lessons"

Lesson To Do List

Proceed to each section below. Click on the header bar to expand the section and follow the instructions in that section. Once complete, click on each item that you have completed.

Read the documents in the lesson resources
View the lesson presentation
Review the lesson key points
Match the lesson terms with their definitions
Review the discussion questions
Do the lesson assignments
Take the quiz

Lesson Resources

Great site for professional stock photos: http://www.depositphotos.com

Lesson Presentation (00:36:06)

To Do: View all the slides in the presentation or view to the end. Be sure to click the "Next" button to advance through the slides.

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Lesson Key Points

Think about what book adaption strategy you will use: word for word, casual expansion, or mastering.
Talking head video with visual data is generally the most preferred by students, but many times your content won't require that level of production.
You can have up to 3 instructors per course that split the course revenue.
Instructor-evaluated options give the instructor a whole new potential revenue stream.
Free courses have their place, but be careful not to make them "spammy."
Self-evaluated course options range from free to about $50. Instructor-evaluated course options can be in the thousands of dollars.
If you are not good at graphic design, use the system templates.
You will need to share contact information, even if just a valid e-mail address.
While you are creating your course, think about the marketing copy.
Will your book be a required or suggested reading—or will you not even use your book? Your choice.
Lessons are generally the equivalent of chapters in a book.

Lesson Terms and Definitions

To Do: Match the correct terms with the definition.

This uses our built-in software. You simply create an image, upload the image, then record your voice talking about the image (the slide). This is a decent solution because it is very efficient.
Use the book as a guideline, staying with the chapters and sections, but rather than read the content, talk about it casually and go into more detail than you do in the book.
Like the visual data video, but there is no or little motion, just a bunch of slides combined into a video.
With the exception of replacing certain words and phrases such as "on page XX you will find..." or "in chapter X of this book," the online course uses the same text in your book either in audio or video format.
Go beyond the book. Use the book as a foundation for your course, but take the students to the next level
This is like a motion PowerPoint with voice over, but no live people in the video.
This is when the video camera is pointed at the instructor(s) who is demonstrating or teaching.
This is where we see an instructor talking to the viewer, and off to the side there will be some graphics that support the points being made. This is similar to what we see newscasters use (think the Daily Show).

Lesson Discussion Questions

If creating this course from your book, how do you think you will adapt your book into a course? What strategy are you leaning towards and why?
What do you think you would offer students in the instructor-evaluated option (if you choose to offer that option)?
Do you think it is better to offer a free course or a course for very little money, because people tend not to value something that is free?

Lesson Assignments

Assignment #1:

This assignment is for students with the instructor-evaluated course option.

Answer the following questions and the instructor will review your answers and offer suggestions and/or feedback.

1) What is your book / course content?
2) What adaption strategy are you planning on using?
3) What preferred deliver method are you leaning towards?
4) Are you offering an instructor-evaluated option? What kind of interaction are you planning with your students?
5) What are you thinking of charging?
6) Do you need help with your header image or setting up your custom color theme? (this is included with this course option)
Assignment #2Answer one of the following questions found in the "Lesson Discussion Questions" section using the discussion section below, and respond to/comment on at least one student's post. Comment on a post that has no comments yet, if possible.

Lesson Quiz

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This lesson's quiz comprises 5 multiple choice questions. Choose the best answer. Achieving passing score of 80% will register this lesson as complete if you have also passed the manually-reviewed assignments. You can take the quiz as many times as you wish.

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    Lesson Quiz

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    1) If you don't have a book, you can't use this service.
    a) true
    b) false
    2) Students tend to prefer which of the following delivery methods?
    a) PowerPoint video with voice over
    b) Just the slides
    c) Talking head video with visual data
    d) Multi-Media Presentation with voice over.
    3) How many instructors can you have per course?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4
    4) If offering a free course, beware of
    a) heavy marketing within the course
    b) extensive attempts at upsells
    c) providing little value to the student
    d) all of the above
    5) What is an acceptable price format for a self-evaluated course?
    a) $9.99
    b) $9.95
    c) $10
    d) any of the above examples are fine
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