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Estimated Lesson Time: 45 minutes (instructor-evaluated option)

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Lesson Introduction

Note: Most of these tutorials were created on our BooksToCourses.com course website. This uses the same VirversitY online course software. I just note this because I don't want to confuse you if you are coming from one of our other course websites.

This lesson focuses on some introductory information on creating a course. Including

Guide contents
Can you really do this yourself?
What is an online course?
Will your book work as an online course?
Why would people want to take your course?
The course architect

Lesson To Do List

Proceed to each section below. Click on the header bar to expand the section and follow the instructions in that section. Once complete, click on each item that you have completed.

Read the documents in the lesson resources
View the lesson presentation
Review the lesson key points
Match the lesson terms with their definitions
Review the discussion questions
Do the lesson assignments
Take the quiz

Lesson Resources

Be aware of the Course Creation Guide which covers the same content of this course but with less detail and no commentary.

Lesson Presentation (00:15:09)

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Lesson Videos

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New User Introduction (05:02)

Lesson Key Points

You CAN do this!
An online course is a combination of Internet-based software and content organized in such a way to facilitate learning.
As a general rule-of-thumb, "how to" books and most non-fiction books will work very well as an online course.
You need to ask yourself why someone would want to take your course?
Course architects could work "on spec," that is, design your course for an agreed upon share in the enrollment fees.

Lesson Terms and Definitions

To Do: Match the correct terms with the definition.

checking answer...
Incorrect. Try again.
a combination of Internet-based software and content organized in such a way to facilitate learning
checking answer...
Incorrect. Try again.
the person who designs and creates the course
checking answer...
Incorrect. Try again.
a web browser that was cool when Bill Clinton was President

Lesson Discussion Questions

What are you most apprehensive about at this point when it comes to creating an online course?
What initial ideas do you have for your course?
What will you provide via course delivery that people could not get elsewhere?

Lesson Assignments

Assignment #1:

This assignment is for students with the instructor-evaluated course option.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your resources when it comes to course-making (i.e., can you record video? Do you have a good voice? Do you have time for this?, etc.). Also, tell me what you have in mind for your course. Write below or use the video recorder.
Assignment #2Answer one of the following questions found in the "Lesson Discussion Questions" section using the discussion section below, and respond to/comment on at least one student's post. Comment on a post that has no comments yet, if possible.

Lesson Quiz

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This lesson's quiz comprises 5 multiple choice questions. Choose the best answer. Achieving passing score of 80% will register this lesson as complete if you have also passed the manually-reviewed assignments. You can take the quiz as many times as you wish.

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    Lesson Quiz

    Be sure to click the "Submit Quiz Answers" at the end of the quiz to save and submit your quiz answers. Select the best answer.

    1) Creating a course does not require which of the following:
    a) A good Internet connection (especially is using videos)
    b) A fairly recent desktop computer or laptop (updated within the last 10 years or so)
    c) Video production capabilities (users generally prefer video to slides)
    d) A good understanding of the English language
    2) Which is practically useless when it comes to creating great courses?
    a) A good voice (for recording audio and video)
    b) A pet bird
    c) Good teaching skills
    d) Strong graphic design skills (for presentation slides, overall course look, and other content)
    3) Which is LEAST like an online course?
    a) a blog post
    b) a combination of Internet-based software and content
    c) organized videos
    d) discussion questions following a written lesson
    4) Regarding turning a book into a course, as a general rule-of-thumb,
    a) biographies make great courses
    b) fiction books make great courses
    c) non-fiction books don't work as online courses
    d) "how to" books and most non-fiction books will work very well as an online course
    5) As a course architect
    a) you can design and created courses for authors and earn a percentage of all the course revenue
    b) you don't need to be the instructor for the course
    c) you invest your time and skill
    d) all of the above
    submitting answers...

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