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First Things First

Prepare to "Pitch" Your Book

Estimated Lesson Time: 2 hours (self-evaluated option) / 2 hours (instructor-evaluated option)

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Lesson Introduction

You should always be ready to give a very detailed, persuasive, and succinct (15-30 second) pitch for your book to anyone willing to listen. Other pitches are described from the book, To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink.

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Lesson Key Points

The elevator pitch. A 30 second verbal description of your book that is designed to get the other person interested in your book.
Be prepared with several different pitches for your book. In the 21st century, the elevator pitch is still good, but not good enough.
The one-word pitch. What is one word that best sums up your book?
The question pitch. What question can best generate interest in your book?
The rhyming pitch. Can you think of a short, snappy pitch that rhymes?
The subject-line pitch. A pitch that could fit in an e-mail subject line that would motivate someone to open the email. For best results: think utility, curiosity, and specificity.
The Pixar pitch. Once upon a time____________. Every day____________. One day____________. Because of that, ____________. Because of that,_____________. Until finally___________.
The Twitter pitch. Your pitch in 140 characters or less.
Start with your book description, and dwindle it down through all these different pitches until you get to the one word pitch.

Lesson Assignments

Assignment #1:

This assignment is for students with the instructor-evaluated course option.

Create one of each pitch for your book and submit them below. They will be reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness. Suggestions will be offered.
Assignment #2What is your favorite pitch and why? Pitch your book using that pitch in the discussion section. Respond to one person's pitch and offer your feedback.

Lesson Quiz

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    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: First Things First
    Section 3: Using Social Media
    #12: Use LinkedIn
    #13: Use Twitter
    Section 4: Quick Strategies With Big Impact
    #14: Create an E-mail Signature Promoting Your Book
    #15: Use Google Alerts
    #16: Join the Goodreads.com Author Program
    Section 5: Harness the Power of Reviews
    #17: Ask Friends and Colleagues to Review Your Book
    #19: Collect Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
    #20: Give Out Evaluation Copies to Influential Bloggers
    #21: Contact Trade Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Media Outlets
    Section 6: Promote Away!
    #23: Adding to the Conversation
    #25: Contribute to a Charitable Cause
    #26: Create Your Own Podcast
    #27: Use Google Adwords
    #28: Give Free Lectures
    #29: Go On a Book Signing Tour
    #30: Donate Your Book
    #31: Participate in or Create Joint Ventures
    Section 7: Conclusion
    #32: Other Ideas for Turning Your Book Into a Bestseller
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    Lesson Quiz

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    1) Which pitch can be summed up in one word?
    a) one word pitch
    b) two word pitch
    c) one sentence pitch
    d) one book pitch
    2) Which pitch might be best when talking face-to-face with someone
    a) one word pitch
    b) elevator pitch
    c) subject-line pitch
    d) curve ball
    3) Which pitch probably got OJ off the hook?
    a) Pixar pitch
    b) bribed jury pitch
    c) question pitch
    d) rhyming pitch
    4) Which pitch tells a story?
    a) Pixar pitch
    b) Disney pitch
    c) Jerry Bruckheimer pitch
    d) story pitch
    5) All pitches will work in any situation
    a) true
    b) false
    submitting answers...

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