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First Things First

Make Your Book Available in Multiple Formats

Estimated Lesson Time: 2 hours (self-evaluated option) / 2 hours (instructor-evaluated option)

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Lesson Introduction

By having a print, ebook, and audio version of your book, you can potentially triple your sales by making your book available to the widest possible readership. With each format, the financial investment can be as little as nothing (if you can do it all yourself) to a few thousand dollars (using professional actors to narrate your book, professional designers, etc.).

Lesson Resources

Do It Yourself / Free Solutions

Create Your Ebook:

eBookIt .doc to .ePub Converter - https://www.ebookit.com/docx-to-epub-free-ebook-converter
Sigil Ebook Creator - https://code.google.com/p/sigil/
Calibre Creator - http://calibre-ebook.com/

Submit Your Ebook:


Submit Your Audiobook:


Paid Solutions

Ebook Creation and Submission: https://www.ebookit.com/our-services/ebook-conversion-submission-and-promotion

Audiobook Creation and Submission: https://www.ebookit.com/our-services/audiobook-production-and-distribution

Print On Demand Creation and Submission: https://www.ebookit.com/our-services/print-on-demand

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Lesson Key Points

Not all books should be made available in all difference formats.
Start with ebook since it is the easiest and least expensive publishing option. If your ebook sells well, then consider print and audio.
Ebooks, print, and audio have do-it-yourself options as well as professional options. Each of the options takes many different skills and resources including: writing, formatting, graphic design, narration, recording, and many technical skills.
Heavy illustrated books do not work well in audio.
All audio files do not work for audiobooks—they must meet certain criteria. It is important to know the specifications of the audio files before you create them.
Do-it-yourself options have a large learning curve, which is why there are so many services that can put your book in the different formats for you.

Lesson Assignments

Assignment #1:

This assignment is for students with the instructor-evaluated course option.

Would your book work in ebook, print, and audio formats? Why or why not?

This is an optional assignment. If you wish to skip this assignment, simply enter "skip" in the textbox below, and the assignment will be marked as completed by the instructor.
Assignment #2Take a minute to answer at least one of the following questions in the discussion section below:

What was the most important thing you learned in this lesson?

What question do you have about this lesson?

How would you sum up this lesson in one sentence?

Then, respond to/comment on at least one student's post. Comment on a post that has no comments yet, if possible.

Lesson Quiz

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    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: First Things First
    Section 3: Using Social Media
    #12: Use LinkedIn
    #13: Use Twitter
    Section 4: Quick Strategies With Big Impact
    #14: Create an E-mail Signature Promoting Your Book
    #15: Use Google Alerts
    #16: Join the Goodreads.com Author Program
    Section 5: Harness the Power of Reviews
    #17: Ask Friends and Colleagues to Review Your Book
    #19: Collect Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
    #20: Give Out Evaluation Copies to Influential Bloggers
    #21: Contact Trade Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Media Outlets
    Section 6: Promote Away!
    #23: Adding to the Conversation
    #25: Contribute to a Charitable Cause
    #26: Create Your Own Podcast
    #27: Use Google Adwords
    #28: Give Free Lectures
    #29: Go On a Book Signing Tour
    #30: Donate Your Book
    #31: Participate in or Create Joint Ventures
    Section 7: Conclusion
    #32: Other Ideas for Turning Your Book Into a Bestseller
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    Lesson Quiz

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    1) Which of the following formats is best to start with?
    a) ebook
    b) print on demand
    c) audio
    d) video
    2) Why should you not invest in a print or audio version of your ebook?
    a) it is a waste of money
    b) print is too old school
    c) if your sales are really poor for your ebook
    d) if you love the environment too much
    3) Which kinds of books do not translate well to audio?
    a) kids books with lots of images
    b) photo-based books
    c) technical books with many diagrams
    d) all of the above
    4) Narrating your own book requires
    a) knowledge of file formats and requirements
    b) a decent voice
    c) the right kind of recording hardware and software
    d) all of the above
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