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Love and Sex

Is Telling Strangers or Acquaintances That You Love Them More of a Sanctimonious Act Than a Sincere Expression of Love?

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Take Your Understanding of Uncomfortable Ideas to the Next Level.

Uncomfortable Ideas is a book about uncomfortable ideas—the reasons we avoid them, the reasons we shouldn’t, and discussion of dozens of examples that might infuriate you, offend you, or at least make you uncomfortable.

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  • Make sure you explain why you answered the way you did.
  • Do you agree with what others have posted? Why or why not?
  • Most questions can be answerd "it depends," so explain on what it depends.
    From the Course:
    Uncomfortable Question-a-Day
    Bo Bennett, PhD

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    Academics : Social Science
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    Section 1: Life Partners
    Section 2: Love and Sex
    Section 3: Humanity
    Section 4: ‘Murica
    Section 5: Faith, God, and Religion
    Section 6: Metaphysics
    #81: Is There Such Thing as “freewill” and If So, What Does It Mean Exactly?
    #82: What If We Are the Creations of a More Advanced Civilization and We Are Living in a Simulated World? What Would You Do Differently?
    #83: What’s the Point of Life? When You Answer, Keep Asking “so What?”
    #84: What Is the Nature of Reality?
    #85: What Is Truth, Exactly?
    #86: How Do We Decide What’s True If There Is No God?
    #87: How Can We Tell If Something Exists or Not?
    #88: Where Does Logic Come From?
    #89: Where Does Reason Come From?
    #90: Can Something Come from Nothing?
    #91: What Do You Think Consciousness Is?
    #92: Try Your Best to Explain the Attraction of Forces.
    #93: Is Beauty Objective? If So, What Is the Standard of Beauty?
    #94: How Does the Mind Interact with the Body?
    #95: Do You Think Computers Will Ever Become Conscious?
    #96: What, If Anything, Can You Be Certain Of?
    Section 7: Morality
    #97: What Makes Something or Someone “Immoral”?
    #98: How Do You Know the Difference Between Right and Wrong?
    #99: What Is the Difference Between Morality and Obedience?
    #100: Is It Morally Acceptable to Take One Human Life to Save Two?
    #101: If Something Is Morally Wrong, Does That Mean That It Was Always Morally Wrong and Will Always Be Morally Wrong?
    #102: If Something Is Morally Wrong for One Person, Is It Also Morally Wrong for Everyone?
    #103: If Something Is Morally Wrong Under One Set of Circumstances, Is It Morally Wrong Under All Sets of Circumstances?
    #104: Is It the Act That Is Morally Wrong, or the Reasons Behind the Act, or Does It Not Matter?
    #105: Is It Morally Wrong to Commit Suicide?
    #106: Is It Morally Wrong to End Your Life If You Are Terminally Ill and Suffering?
    #107: Should People Be Forced to Share Non-vital Organs and Fluids with People Who Need Them to Survive?
    #108: Should Women Be Required by Law (civil or Moral) to See All Pregnancies to Term?
    #109: Is There Anything Morally Wrong with Using Recreational Drugs?
    #110: Is There Anything Morally Wrong with Getting Drunk?
    #111: What Is the Difference Between Murder and “Justified Killing”?
    #112: If Your $10 Can Feed a Starving Child in Africa for a Month, Is It Right to Spend Your Money on Multiple Pairs of Shoes, Movies, and Other Luxuries?
    #113: Is It Morally Wrong to Be Proud of Your Accomplishments?
    #114: Is It Morally Acceptable to Kill Animals and If So, Why?
    #115: Why Should Humans’ Right to Life and Dignity Be Any Different from a Non-human Life?
    #116: Would It Be Morally Acceptable for an Advanced Life Form to Kill Us for Food or Sport Because They Are Exponentially More Conscious and Intelligent Than We Are?
    #117: Is Valuing Freedom More Than Safety Right or Wrong?
    #118: If You Believe That God Told You to Kill Someone, Would You?
    #119: Is There Always a Right Moral Answer to Every Moral Question (i.e. Objectivism)?
    #120: Is Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason Immoral?
    #121: Is Doing the Wrong Thing for the Right Reason Immoral?
    #122: Is There a Difference Between Moral Values and Moral Duties?
    #123: Is Taking Action to Kill Someone Morally Different from Failing to Act When You Can Easily and Risk-free Save Someone’s Life?
    #124: Can Something Be Moral in One Culture, but Immoral in Another?
    #125: Is Well-being What We Ultimately Consider the Basis of Morality?
    #126: What Well-being Should Be the Basis of Morality?
    #127: Should We Include the Mental or Psychological Well-being of Others?
    #128: Is It More Moral to Reduce Suffering or Increase Happiness?
    #129: Is Morality About the Well-being of the Maximum Number of People or the Maximum Well-being of People?
    #130: To Judge Something as Right or Wrong, Do We Need a Moral Standard or Just a Moral Comparison (like Judging If a Person Is Attractive or Not)?
    #131: If There Are Objective Moral Facts, What Are They?
    #132: Is Lying Ever Acceptable?
    #133: Is Retributive Justice Humane?
    Section 8: Mental Health
    #134: Are Those Who Experience Negative Life Events “traumatized,” Because We, as a Society, Coddle Them Too Much?
    #135: How Do We Determine the Difference Between a Psychological Problem and an Socially Acceptable Deviation from Normal Behavior?
    #136: Do People Have Any Control Over Depression?
    #137: Why Is Homosexuality No Longer Classified as a Mental Disorder (it Was Until 1973)?
    #138: Is There Really Such Thing as a Sex Addiction?
    Section 9: Politically Incorrect
    #139: Are Some Stereotypes Accurate? Which Ones?
    #140: Are There Professions That Men Are Better at Then Women and Vice Versa?
    #141: Does the Victim Ever Deserve Some of the Blame, If Not All of It?
    #142: Is It Wrong to Prefer People Who Are Most Like Us, Even If They Are Only Like Us in Skin Color and Gender?
    #143: Why Is Saying “people of Color” Appropriate but Saying “colored People” Is Not?
    #144: Is Life Easier for Good Looking People Than Ugly People?
    #145: Are Black People More Likely to Commit Violent Crime, or Just More Likely to Get Convicted?
    #146: Does Being Disgusted by Watching Two People of the Same Sex Passionately Kiss Make Someone Homophobic?
    #147: What Makes Something or Someone Racist?
    #148: Can Something Be Racist to One Person and Not to Another? Who Is Right?
    #149: Is Racism Getting Worse with Increased Sensitivity to Racial Differences?
    #150: What Makes Something or Someone Sexist?
    #151: Can Something Be Sexist to One Person and Not to Another? Who Is Right?
    #152: Is Sexism Getting Worse with Increased Sensitivity to Gender Differences?
    #153: Are There Certain Groups That Are More Privileged Than Others?
    #154: Which Group Is More Privileged, Economically Depressed White Men or Wealthy Black Men?
    #155: All Things Being Equal, Should Minority Job Candidates Be Selected Over Non-minority Job Candidates?
    #156: Does the Creation and Promotion of Minority Groups Help People to Forget About Differences or Make These Differences More Salient?
    #157: Is It Acceptable for White Students to Form a “White Student Alliance” in a Predominately Black School?
    #158: Are Thoughts and Prayers Just a Substitution for Taking Action That Will Actually Help?
    #159: If You Have a Penis and a Beard, but Identify as a Woman, Is It Still Okay to Use the Women’s Bathroom?
    #160: Are Fat People Perfect the Way They Are?
    #161: Why Is Telling a Woman She Has Beautiful Eyes Acceptable, but Telling Her She Has Beautiful Breasts Offensive?
    Section 10: On the Lighter Side
    #162: Do You Think Women Who Get Their Hair Chopped Off Get Compliments Because It Really Looks Good, or Because Saying Nothing Would Simply Be Too Awkward?
    #163: Does Posting on Social Media About All the Charity Work and Kind Things You Do for Others Make You an Ass?
    #164: Does Posting Photos on Social Media of Your Expensive Vacations That Many of Your Friends Could Never Afford Make You an Ass?
    #165: What If the Author of This Book Is in Cahoots with World Leaders and Satan, and Wrote This Book as Part of a Master Plan to Destroy America and Create Godless Heathens?
    Section 11: Bonus Questions
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