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Course Introduction

Estimated Lesson Time: 10 minutes

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Lesson Introduction

In this lesson, we

demonstrate that woo is very common
discuss the limits of this course
discuss hew we can view belief in very simple terms
define woo

Lesson To Do List

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View the lesson presentation
Watch each lesson video (optional)
Review the lesson key points
Do the lesson assignments

Lesson Presentation (00:07:39)

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Lesson Videos

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Live Presentation at Skepticon (43:35)

This was recoded in 2015 in front of a live audience.

Lesson Key Points

An estimated 95% of Americans believe in some kind of woo
The human mind is conducive to woo
This course is NOT about debunking claims of specific forms of woo
This course IS about the psychological reasons for why we believe in woo
Two reasons for belief: 1) the evidence supports the belief and 2) everything else
Woo is concerned with emotions, mysticism, or spiritualism; other than rational or scientific; mysterious, "new agey"
Woo is on a spectrum

Lesson Assignments

Assignment #1Take a minute to answer at least one of the following questions in the discussion section below:

What was the most important thing you learned in this lesson?

What question do you have about this lesson?

How would you sum up this lesson in one sentence?

Then, respond to/comment on at least one student's post. Comment on a post that has no comments yet, if possible.
Assignment #2:

This assignment is for students with the instructor-evaluated course option.

Is there anything that you believe that may be classified as "woo"? What is it? Do you think it is woo? Why or why not?

Lesson Quiz

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    From the Course:
    Psychology of Woo: Why Your Brain Favors Mysticism and Magic Over Rationalism and Reality
    Bo Bennett, PhD

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    #2: Indicators of Woo
    #3: 7 Reasons
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    Lesson Quiz

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    1) Something either falls into the category of woo, or it doesn't.
    a) true
    b) false
    2) In this course, we set out to prove that all woo-like claims are false.
    a) true
    b) false
    3) This course IS about
    a) how astrology fools people
    b) how all religions are a sham
    c) the psychological reasons for why we believe in woo
    d) the mating rituals of African farm ants
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