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Why Aren’t You Rich?

Estimated Lesson Time: 6 minutes

Why aren’t you rich? I love to ask this question to others. It seems like whenever I ask this question of someone, they respond by going into their best Bob Newhart routine—breaking a sweat and stuttering. Why aren’t YOU rich? We already know that riches are just a small part of success and money is not everything, blah blah blah... so for now, with that understanding, let’s just talk about being rich in a purely financial sense.

Like success, the word “rich” has a different meaning for everyone. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s just assume it means having more than enough money to live your dreams. If you already are rich, then play along with us anyway; you can still use this information to help others get rich.

It is time to ask yourself, why aren’t you rich? Write down your reasons why in your success journal. I promise you, this will be an incredible eye-opener for you and a big step forward in your attainment of wealth. To help you in your thought process, here are some of the more common reasons people have come up with.

  • I really do not want to be rich
  • I don’t know how get rich
  • I am working on it
  • Money is evil
  • I don’t have the time
  • I am not smart enough
  • I am not talented enough
  • I am destined to be poor
  • No one in my family has ever been rich
  • I have been trying to get rich, but I just can’t
  • I have responsibilities like taking care of my family and paying the bills—it is irresponsible of me to be chasing a dream
  • I am waiting for the right opportunity
  • I am waiting for a rich relative to pass away
  • I am waiting to marry someone rich

Now that you have written down your reasons ask yourself, “Are these the real reasons or are they excuses?” In other words, is this what you are telling yourself and others because it “sounds reasonable”? Or behind the excuse is there a more truthful reason? I am asking you to question your reasons or beliefs as to why you think you are not rich. For example, if you wrote down, “I don’t have the time,” don’t you think you would make the time if you knew that by making the time you would become rich? If so, then isn’t the real reason that you do not believe you can become rich? Go back through your list of reasons now, and write down the real reasons.

Here are some to get you started.

  • I really do not want to be rich - If you truly feel this way, you are already rich. Otherwise you have some limiting beliefs about money that are holding you back from becoming rich.
  • I don’t know how get rich - If this is the case, why haven’t you learned? Bookstores are full of books on how to acquire riches.
  • I am working on it - Most people spend their lives “working on it.” I will rephrase the question... why aren’t you rich NOW?
  • Money is evil - Money is paper and metal; it’s not evil. Do you really believe that you would use your money for evil rather than good?
  • I am not smart enough - Refer to the quote by Calvin Coolidge (Day 1).
  • I am not talented enough - Refer to the quote by Calvin Coolidge (Day 1).
  • I am destined to be poor - Says who? You create your destiny so why would you create one that is not filled with wealth?
  • No one in my family has ever been rich - That may be a true statement, but realize that has nothing whatsoever to do with your financial destiny. There is no gene for being rich.
  • I have been trying to get rich, but I just can’t - Don’t try, do. Change what is not working. Believe 100% that you can get rich. Persist. This course will reveal much information that will help you with this one.
  • I have responsibilities like taking care of my family and paying the bills; it is irresponsible of me to be chasing a dream - It is irresponsible of you NOT to follow your dream and NOT give your family the lifestyle they deserve. We all have responsibilities and bills to pay - even rich people. Find the time or make the time.
  • I am waiting for the right opportunity - Why not create your own opportunities? You can spend your whole life waiting, and one will never come.
  • I am waiting for a rich relative to pass away - A little on the sick side, but who am I to judge.
  • I am waiting to marry someone rich - Why not become rich yourself first and marry someone for pure love? There will not only be more “fish in the sea,” but you will also do much better with the prenuptial agreement.

If your reasons are not in the list above, use the same line of reasoning that I have used to refute your own statements. Have fun with this... pretend you are a lawyer putting yourself on the witness stand, drilling yourself for the real reasons. Don’t go easy on yourself!

Congratulations! Assuming you have done the exercise, you are now closer to being rich than you ever have been before. Now that you know why you are not rich, it is up to you to make the necessary changes in your beliefs, behaviors, and/or lifestyle to become rich. If you are not sure how, no need to worry. You will find the information you need in this course. I am not being secretive—if I could tell you to do A,B,C to be rich, I would. Like success, there are many ideas, concepts, skills, and beliefs that will help you to acquire riches. Just remember to be patient and believe in yourself.

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