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View Life from a Different Perspective

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Growing up, I lived in a middle-class neighborhood, in a middle-class house. The area in which I lived was very economically diverse. One town south there were neighborhoods where one would be shot at just by driving through, and one town west was where some of the wealthiest people in the country called home. Exposure to these extremes taught me to be grateful for all I did have as well as showed me the possibility of living abundantly.

Why is it that the majority of those raised in economically depressed environments continue to spend their adult lives in the same environment? Why is it that the majority of children of wealthy parents grow up to be wealthy themselves or at least well off financially? Most would agree that those brought up in wealthy households have certain advantages that others do not have. Some of these advantages are superior schooling, job opportunities, good role models, and perhaps financial assistance from parents. One of the greatest advantages, however, that is most often overlooked is the desire and passion for the child to maintain the quality lifestyle that he or she is accustomed to living. Fortunately, for those of us not raised in a wealthy environment, this desire and passion can be created.

Each one of us has our own perspective on the world in which we live. Those who live, work and play in a depressed town tend to view the world in much of the same way. Our attitudes and views on life tend to be more local than global. Even if we cannot immediately change where we live, work or play; we can immediately change our perspective of the world. By doing this, we create the desire and passion needed to aggressively pursue a higher standard of living for our families and ourselves.

There are many ways of changing our perspective on our world. We do this by giving ourselves a taste of the “good life.” Here are some of the ways:

  • take walks or drives through wealthy neighborhoods
  • visit open houses and walk through some of these multi-million dollar homes
  • eat at a really nice restaurant every now and then
  • visit 5 star hotels (don’t need to stay in them, just visit)
  • subscribe to the Robb Report
  • pick up full-color real estate books and read the listings for the high-end homes
  • walk through an expensive shopping district

The more real these experiences are, the more powerful they are. For example, a walk through a really nice neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes will make a greater impression than seeing the same homes in a magazine.

Although exposing yourself to the “good life” every now and then may cost money and seem like a waste of money, consider it an investment in yourself and your future. Dare to dream and see for yourself what is possible.

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 Some discussion questions (some may not apply to this lesson):

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  • Do you have any interesting stories related to this lesson? Do tell!
  • What do you admire most about this person? (success biography days)
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