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In the past 50 years or so, incredible progress has been made in the fields of personal achievement and personal development. People such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Earl Nightingale, just to name a few, have devoted their entire lives to the study of success. Their lives’ work has been summarized in the books and audio programs they have released. Many of these books and programs sit like hidden gems on shelves of bookstores and in warehouses, waiting for readers to discover the life-changing information contained within.

If these books and programs are really that powerful, why don’t more people read and listen to them? Here are the most common reasons:

  • They do not believe the information will help them. This is the most challenging obstacle for success authors to overcome. It takes belief, or a minimum level of trust, for an individual to start reading a book, start listening to an audio program or begin a program such as this one. Ironically, many of these programs contain information that justifies the minimum level of trust needed when they prove their efficacy; however, those who are not willing to take a little risk, are not likely to take that step.
  • Self-help material has gotten a bad “rap.” In some cases, this is well deserved. There are some authors, especially on the subject of making money, that are, well... let’s just say less than qualified to be giving advice. If you are buying a book on how to make a million dollars, is the author a millionaire? Did he  or she become a millionaire by selling his or her “how to be a millionaire” books? Learn about the author(s) before you buy a book or audio program. Read reviews and see what others have said.
  • They did not feel they got anything out of previous programs they have tried. At the very least, their minds were subjected to hours of positive mental conditioning. It is actually very difficult to pick up a book or listen to an audio program and not get at least one good idea or even life-changing concept. Look for that one idea and most of the time you will find many.

Now here are just some of the benefits of reading and listening to positive, motivational, and educational material.

  • Never feel as if you are wasting time again. How much time do you spend a week driving in your car, riding public transportation, working out, or doing any other activity in which you are, or could be, listening to content of your choice? How much time do you spend waiting; in lines, for appointments, or for others? This could be turned into some of your most valuable time spent.
  • It’s motivational. We are already aware of the power of motivation. Read or listen to the words of other optimists that inspire you and give you the mental power to do just about anything you set your mind to.
  • It’s educational. Education should not stop after high school or college. To grow as an individual, we should spend our lives feeding our brains with useful information. Just like many careers that require ongoing education via seminars and conferences, you should require ongoing education for your own personal achievement. Your success in life depends on it.
  • We all need proper mental conditioning. From the time we are born until the present day, our minds have been programmed with negativity and limiting beliefs. Some of this comes from our upbringing, friends, co-workers, the news we read and the commercials we watch. By focusing on positive material, we can literally recondition our minds and replace the negative, limiting beliefs we have about success with positive, empowering ones.

Here is my five-step process for getting the most out of non-fictional, self-help material.

  1. Read for Understanding. Personal development programs are crammed with information and ideas that work best when they are retained in your memory. Read or listen to the book more than once. Each time you do, your retention rate of the information increases. Do not take in too much information at once. The average mind starts to drift and wander somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. When this happens, take a break.
  2. Evaluate. You certainly do not have to believe everything you read or hear. Evaluate what the author has to say with an open but critical mind. Does it make sense to you? If you adopted the belief, would it improve your life? If so, why not give it a try? Don’t be turned off by the author even if you do not agree with most of what is said. Take what you can from the program and leave the rest.
  3. Apply. It is said that knowledge without application is not power; it is only potential power. Use and apply what you learn to your everyday life. Only then will the information be of true value to you.
  4. Review. Go back to your books, notes, and programs often and think about the times you have applied the information. When you see the benefits, it will create a passion for learning greater than you have ever had before.
  5. Share. Make these books and programs easily available to those you care about. Most people will not spend just a few dollars buying their own book, but they may just read or listen to it if it is there.

To me, listening to motivational material is empowering and energizing yet comforting and relaxing at the same time. Take advantage of the wealth of information on personal achievement that is available today and you, too, will soon be hooked on success.

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