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Baby Steps

Estimated Lesson Time: 2 minutes

At the beginning of the movie, What About Bob?, the highly neurotic and troubled Bob (played by Bill Murray) visits Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) for help with his troubles. Dr. Marvin prescribes his own best seller book, Baby Steps, which is about breaking down the apparently insurmountable problems into small, achievable goals. While this movie is fictional, the concept behind Baby Steps is very real and a great way to approach your goals and life’s challenges.

A perfect example of baby steps in action is our on-line course with hundreds lessons to read, about 1000 action steps to complete, over 1000 quiz questions to answer and an average of about 180 hours of study. If you were to print out each day of the course and put it into a book, it would be thicker than the average yellow-pages book with over 1000 pages of pure content. My reason for telling you all this is certainly not to turn you off from the course (or the book), but to show you how around 30 minutes a day is much more surmountable than 180 hours of study. By breaking down the very large goal of taking a 366 day course in personal achievement into single days, our on-line membership increases because members believe they can accomplish the small daily goals.

What about becoming a millionaire? Do you find it hard to believe that you can ever become a millionaire? After all, the most you ever had was a few thousand dollars saved up. Well, what about creating a product that you can sell for a net profit of $10? Can you sell about 100 of these products per day for the next three years? How about just 50 products a day for the next six years? Either way, you will be a millionaire.

The easiest way to overcome the mental limits we impose on ourselves is to take “baby steps.” Break the goal down into manageable targets that you believe 100% in your mind you can reach. If you do not truly believe you can reach these targets, then break the goal up into smaller steps or increase the timeline for completion.

The next time you are faced with a problem that seems too large for you to handle, or a goal too bold to believe you can accomplish, think of Bill Murray literally taking baby steps to the elevator saying, “Baby step to the elevator.” Who knows, in addition to tackling your problem or achieving your goal, you may just smile as well. :)

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