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Walt Disney was a man of vision. From the time he created his world-famous cartoon mouse, to the present day, many years after his death, his vision continues to turn into reality. In 1965, Disney took a leap of faith by purchasing 43 square miles of land in central Florida where he would eventually build his empire. Although he did not have all the resources needed to turn his vision into reality, nor did he have exact details on how he was going to do it, he did have the vision, which proved to be enough.

Vision, the kind used to succeed, is “seeing” with imagination and taking action to make the vision reality. It is seeing what others lack the imagination and creativity to see. Vision is more than just imagination; it is imagination with belief. When someone is said to have vision, they are seen as having an intelligent foresight.

When one has vision, they can “see” a goal or objective and its attainment. This experience serves as a mental blueprint to success. Leaders with vision not only have more confidence in themselves and the direction they set for those whom they lead, they also have more loyal followers who have been sold on the vision as well. Many successful people rank having vision as one of the key elements to their success.

So isn’t vision something you either have or don’t? I believe that everyone has vision, and like virtually every other aspect of success, vision is something that can be developed with practice. Here are some suggestions on how to use your imagination and power of belief to develop your vision.

  • Ask a lot of “what if” questions. What if I had a million dollars to make my plan work? What if I had all the help I needed? What if I could not fail and nothing were to stand in my way? These types of questions jump start the imagination and help you realize the possibilities.
  • Realize that there are no “impossible” or “ridiculous” ideas. Allow your imagination to create any kind of vision and later start thinking about the practicality of the vision. Keep the thought processes flowing!
  • Never worry about criticism. Many people see their vision as “too grand” or never follow up vision with action due to the fear of criticism or ridicule. Have confidence in your vision and never let those who lack vision get in your way of success.
  • Take a risk. If you are one of those detail-oriented people who will not move forward on a plan until every detail is thought out and worked out before hand, then good for you. This is an admirable quality to possess, but also one that can get in the way of great achievements. With vision, you see the goal and are confident that you can achieve it, but sometimes problems that come up in the planning stage are best left to be resolved at the time they are encountered. I know this is a hard concept for some to accept (especially loan officers), but a leader with vision, in times of desperation can accomplish amazing things. Don’t give up before you even begin.

After more than seven years of master planning and preparation, Walt Disney World opened to the public as scheduled on October 1, 1971. Although Disney never lived long enough to see his vision become a reality—he did not need to. To him, Walt Disney World was already a reality.

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