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An Extra Hour a Day

Estimated Lesson Time: 2 minutes

What would you do with an extra hour a day? Learn a new language? Start a business? Write a book? Learn a new skill? If you have the motivation and desire to use this extra hour, it can be yours.

Most people are under the impression that they need “eight hours a day” of sleep because this is what they believe “the average person” requires. The fact is, each of us is different and requires different amounts of sleep. Many studies have been done on sleep and sleep disorders, only to conclude that there is no set standard number of hours of sleep per person.

Ironically, the symptoms of not getting enough sleep are very similar to those of getting too much sleep. So why not err on the side of not getting enough sleep and see what your body and mind are capable of? What if you found that with 5 hours of sleep per night, you were at your sharpest during the day with the least amount of drowsiness—and you slept better at night? What would you do with an extra three hours a day?

I have personally experienced sleeping patterns based on motivation—or my mental state. When I am motivated and highly involved in a project, I am awakened each morning around 4am with a burning desire to work on the project. During these times, my mind remains sharp, I have plenty of energy throughout the day, and I sleep like a baby at night—for about 6 hours each night. During times when I am less involved in projects, I sleep around 8 hours.

I have also found at times when I deprive myself of my required sleep, a mid-day, 15-30 minute “cat nap” in my desk chair does wonders for both my physical and mental state.

If there were ever a way to “buy more time,” this is it. However, time is not for sale; it is yours for the taking. What you need to give in return is passion and motivation to get up the extra hour or two earlier—getting up to do household chores won’t do. Give this a try by adjusting your body at a pace it can handle. Do this for the next 50 years, and you will add 2-3 years to your conscious life.

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