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What ELSE Can I Do?

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When creating YearToSuccess.com, I knew that the success of this program would be based on member referrals. This led me to the question, “What can I do to encourage member referrals?” Once I had some basic ideas and put them into effect, I could have stopped. However, for this program to be successful, I have to continually ask myself, “What else can I do?” This question, although not always an immediate answer producer, has led me to find new solutions and create new tools to help our members share the program, thus increasing membership. Too often instead of asking what else can be done, people make statements such as, “I’ve done all I can.” My reply to that statement is, “Have you?”

There is no limit to success or any limit to the effort you can make or actions you can take to get you there. If you ask yourself the question, “What else can I do?” you will get an answer. If by habit you insist on responding with a statement that closes the door of possibility, then ask yourself, “If there WERE something else I could do, what would it be?” Do not let yourself off the hook so easily.

Asking yourself this question is persistence in action. You know that persistence is paramount in the achievement of success, and you know you have a practical method to persist. There is always another way. When you tell yourself that you are doing all you can, you are essentially giving yourself a way out. Only when you ask yourself what more can you do, will your mind provide you with an answer.

This is also a powerful question to ask as a leader. By asking your team, “What else can we do to accomplish our objective?” you are encouraging participation by opening up your team members’ minds to the possibility that more can be done. This begins the thinking process that eventually results in solutions, good ideas, and breakthroughs.

When do you stop asking this question? When you have reached your goal or objective or have made a conscious choice to no longer spend time in pursuit of the goal or objective. There is always another way, but sometimes that other way may be to back out and cut your losses.

“What else can I do?” This question has many forms and can be worded in many ways. The purpose is to keep your mind open to possibilities and persist where others do not. Next time you feel that you have reached a dead end, ask what else can be done. The answers you receive can bring you closer to success.

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