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Thank God It’s Any Day

Estimated Lesson Time: 6 minutes

In America, we have some disempowering sayings that, unfortunately, some have adopted as credos, and even worse, ways of life. Sayings like, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work,” “Don’t work too hard,” and the classic, “Thank God it’s Friday.” We use these snazzy sayings during “happy” hour, in conversations with friends and co-workers, and even stick them on the bumpers of our cars. It seems as if too many people universally share misery and hatred for one’s work. Why not live by the words, “Thank God it’s any day!”

Our week consists of seven days, five of which are traditionally reserved for “work” and two for “play.” Again I say “traditionally” because I do not know who came up with this idea, but it wasn’t someone with success in mind nor was it someone who valued family life. Nevertheless, for most working adults, this is just “the way it is.” If you are not one the fortunate few who can spend all seven days with the ideal balance of work and play, there are still ways you can enjoy your “work week.”

Let me ask you this question: how much would the quality of your life improve if every day of the week was as enjoyable as your best day of the week? The average working adult, and student for that matter enjoys 2 out of 7 days of the week or about 29% of the week. Add in some vacations and personal days, and we’re looking at about 35%—which leaves 65% of our days spent doing things that we don’t enjoy. And that’s assuming we spend all of our non-work days on things we enjoy!

To be successful, you must enjoy what you do. The more passionate you are about what you do for a living, the easier success will come. I have said before that I believe perseverance is the most important part of success; well, right after perseverance comes enjoying what you do. There are two basic ways you can start enjoying every day:

Change what you do for a living. If you truly dislike your current job and you do not realistically see any chance of improvement in the near future, find a new job. Changing jobs or careers is one of the more stressful moves you can make in your lifetime because it usually requires taking risks and giving up security. However, it can also fill your life with new excitement and enthusiasm that you have been without for so many years. Changing what you do for a living is a serious step and should be well thought out.

Change your attitude. Life is perception and perception is about attitude. For every one person who “hates” their job, there are at least a dozen people who would love to have it. I wouldn't suggest giving up on your dreams and adopt a “learn to like” attitude toward your current work, but I am suggesting a conscious change in the way you approach your work that will make it enjoyable while you work toward your dreams.

Here are some things you can do to build a more positive attitude toward your current work.

  • Do your job better. Consider this “practice” for your success. Success is about being your best and going the extra mile. Start now by doing your job better.
  • Learn more about your job. One of the reasons people do not enjoy their work is that they do not fully understand it. Learn all you can about what you do, and you will discover a new flame that did not exist before.
  • Learn why things are done the way they are. In the workplace, there are rules and policies, many of which are debated amongst the workers who argue that they “are not fair.” Speak to someone who knows why these policies are in place. Once you understand, you will no longer have the resentment.
  • See the big picture. If your job is in data-entry, realize that you are doing an important part of a much larger job. An organization is like a chain with many links. Each link is vital to the strength of the chain. You are not just entering data; you are partly responsible for keeping the organization running.
  • Build amenable relationships with co-workers. If you do not get along with your co-workers, it is easy to dread going to work. Make amends in existing relationships if needed and go the extra mile for your co-workers.
  • Solve or manage your problems. What don’t you like about work? Make a list. Consider each item on your list a problem and solve or manage the problem.
  • See your current job as a necessary rung on your ladder of success. I strongly believe one can get ultimate enjoyment from any job if they believe they are working toward their success. What skills is your current job helping you achieve? How is your current job helping you achieve success? Even if it is as basic as giving you the money you need to move on, you are working toward your success.

A major key to success is happiness. Without happiness, success is not possible. Don’t settle for two days of happiness or enjoyment a week. Change your job or change your attitude and wake up each day with excitement and passion. Adopt the credo, “Thank God it’s any day.”

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