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The Subject of Money

Estimated Lesson Time: 2 minutes

I remember sitting around with my friends, back in elementary school, talking about money. We would all talk about how great it would be to have lots of money and even discuss ideas on how to start making money. We talked about making wooden novelties in my Dad’s workshop and selling them door-to-door, trading and selling baseball cards, starting a leaf-raking business and more. The subject of money got us excited and started our pre-teen creative juices flowing. As the years went by, we spoke less and less of money until our adult lives when it became a taboo subject. What happened?

By most adults’ standards of etiquette, money is a subject that should not be discussed openly among friends or other peers. Why? For most people, in their adult lives, money is an unpleasant subject. This is because they don’t have enough of it. In fact, one of the top reasons married couples argue is because of financial difficulties and other strains that lack of money both directly and indirectly cause. Since it is generally not considered good etiquette to discuss any subject that makes others feel uncomfortable or even depressed, the subject of money has become taboo.

If you are one of the people who is uncomfortable talking about money, then change your associations. Talking about money openly, especially with those who have more of it than you do, will allow you to grow in your financial thinking. We can learn more from our friends and peers than we could by reading books from the top financial advisors. When you think about money, think about all the good you can do with it, for yourself, your family and those you’ve never even met. Think about how exciting it would be to have more of it, allowing you more time to do what you are passionate about. This is how you associate money with empowering feelings.

Find a group of your peers that you can discuss the subject of money with who are comfortable talking about it with you. Realize that by avoiding the subject, you are doing nothing to improve your financial education. Don’t be afraid to share your financial successes and failures with others. As we help others learn, we grow ourselves.

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