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The Words You Use Make All the Difference

Estimated Lesson Time: 2 minutes

The words that come out of your mouth and go through your head have an incredible effect on your actions and behavior. The subconscious mind is known for gravitating toward what you focus on. The same effect holds true for simply saying or thinking of words and expressions. For example, “It can’t be done” is a very powerful statement that stops your mind from presenting you with a solution of how it can be done. The results of rephrasing that statement to “How can it be done?” are nothing short of amazing.

The words you choose make all the difference when it comes to the way others perceive you. Radiate a positive mental attitude and an optimistic personality. Your boss does not want to hear “That’s impossible.” What she wants to hear is “If you assign one more person to assist me, I can not only have this ready by Friday, but I can even have it delivered to the prospect’s office.” If you are in a leadership role, saying, “This will never work” is setting a very poor example. Instead say, “How can we make this work?” and allow the creative juices to start flowing!

Here are just some examples of phrases you should avoid, along with their possible substitutions:

  • I can’t do it should be How can it be done?
  • It will never work should be How can I make it work?
  • Someday I... should be Today (on Tuesday, June 12, or any specific date) I...
  • I should have should be Next time I will
  • I’ll try should be I will do my best
  • I’m no good at... should be I will get better at...

Once you start making a conscious effort to avoiding saying these phrases and limiting yourself, you will no longer think this way either—and vice-versa. The power of using the right words, or perhaps more important, avoiding the wrong words, is astonishing. Put this concept into practice and experience the positive results for yourself.

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