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Think HUGE

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It is not enough to think big. The world is full of big thinkers. You must think HUGE.

By thinking “huge,” you are no longer limited by thought. Everything starts with thought and since thought is limitless why create mental limits? Most people would answer, “just being realistic.” Was Henry Ford being “realistic”? Here was a guy, who had next to no education, who started and ran one of the largest companies of his time. Was that a realistic expectation? Often people are doomed to mediocrity by thinking they can only expect what is “realistic” or “normal” for most people. Don’t make this same mistake. You are not like most people.

Thinking huge paints a mental picture that will remain in your subconscious mind. Everything you do, both consciously and subconsciously will attempt to bring you closer to that picture. For example, when I started Archieboy Holdings, LLC., I did not want to create a 20 million dollar hosting company—I had already done that. I wanted to create a 100 million dollar hosting empire. As a result of this “huge thought,” the software and systems we built were capable of reaching and surpassing those kinds of numbers. Had I thought of just creating another company like the last one I created, we would not have had as much success as we did due to marketing and software limitations.

By thinking huge, you will be much better off when having to compromise as well. Not only compromises with others, but when your huge thoughts do not materialize (as they often won’t—otherwise they were not huge enough) you will find that you have still achieved considerable success.

Remember, thought is without limits. Get inspiration from people like Henry Ford, Ben Franklin, and Bill Gates whose successes all began with huge ideas.

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