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About Intro to Psychology

Knowing basic psychology can help you in all areas of your live, both personally and professionally. The ability to understand how and why others think, behave, and even feel is clearly useful, but the the ability to understand ourselves is even more useful. Although the human mind does not come with a manual, this course may be the next best thing!

Take a Major Step In Understanding Human Behavior By Taking This Course

  • Learn about the field of neuroscience and what it can tell us about ourselves
  • Learn about perception and how the world is very different from what we think it is
  • Learn how to learn
  • Learn about thinking and understand intelligence
  • Understand how humans develop in all stages of life
  • Understand personality
  • Learn what is abnormal when it comes to psychology
  • Learn the basics of social psychology
  • Get a crash course on cognitive biases
  • Understand stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • Debunk 50 psychology myths

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Psychology!

This course comprises the topics found to be most important based on a survey of 761 introductory psychology teachers at 490 schools (Miller & Gentile, 1998). These topics include introduction/methods, neuroscience, sensation/perception, learning, memory, thinking/intelligence, developmental psychology, personality, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. In addition, I have worked in sections on cognitive biases, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, along with the debunking of popular psychology myths that just don't seem to die.

By the end of this course, you should have a strong understanding of psychology and be able to put this knowledge to work in your life.

Enrollment Fee: $49.00

Course Lessons


The Science of Psychology


Sensation and Perception



Cognitive Biases

Thinking and Intelligence

Developmental Psychology

Personality Theories and Assessment

Social Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

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About Your Instructor, Bo Bennett, PhD

Bo Bennett, PhD


Bo Bennett's personal motto is "Expose an irrational belief, keep a person rational for a day. Expose irrational thinking, keep a person rational for a lifetime."  Much of his work is in the area of education—not teaching people what to think, but how to think.  His projects include his books, The Concept: A Critical and Honest Look at God and Religion, Logically Fallacious, the most comprehensive collection of logical fallacies, and Year To Success, a full year course in success.  Bo has a podcast/blog called "The Dr. Bo Show" at http://www.TheDrBoShow.com where he takes a critical thinking-, reason-, and science-based approach to issues that matter with the goal of educating and entertaining.

Bo holds a PhD in social psychology, with a master's degree in general psychology and bachelor's degree in marketing. His complete bio along with current projects can be found at BoBennett.com.

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