Year To Success

Lesson 46: How Success Works

I remember when I listened to my first success program; it was called “The Seeds of Greatness” by Denis Waitley. At age 10, I did not understand that much but I enjoyed every word of the program. I was, however, waiting for him to tell me exactly how to become successful. Was there a certain widget I needed to create or sell? Who would I sell it to? How exactly was I going to make my million dollars? I anxiously waited to hear these answers.

By the end of the program, I realized that none of my questions would be answered. I became a bit discouraged and turned to the classified section in magazines such as Success and Entrepreneur. “Ahhh! I found it!” Here, hidden in the back of these well-known periodicals were hundreds of people with the answers I was looking for and willing to give me exact details on how to make a million dollars for only a few hundred dollars! What a bargain! Well, after many years and several thousand dollars I finally understood how success really works and learned several valuable lessons.

  1. The pursuit of quick riches only leads to cons, scams and shady sales jobs. Anyone promising instant fortune with little or no effort really means that only they will become instantly rich off people who send them money.
  2. Nobody can tell you exactly how to become successful. Lasting success must be achieved through passion, and only you know what you are passionate about. Following someone else’s exact steps to success may lead you to their idea of success, but not yours.
  3. Many people who sell “how to get rich” ideas only became rich themselves by selling their own books, tapes and seminars on how to get rich! These are authors that usually hide their professional background from their readers.

Since age 10, I have purchased hundreds of books and tapes on all aspects of success, as well as attended seminars by some of my favorite speakers. These have been the driving force that helped me find the exact way to achieve success. The key word is “find.” It was up to me to use the information I had gathered to define my own goals and pursue them with passion. Success is very personal to each individual. Anyone who wants to sell you overnight success or wealth is not interested in your success; they are interested in your money.