Year To Success

Lesson 40: Inspiration from Jack La Lanne

Jack La Lanne (1914–2011) is known to many as America’s number one physical fitness expert and guru, often called, “The Godfather of Fitness.” Pictured above at 91 years young.

Success is achieved through frustration. Jack was picked on and made fun of as a child. He was addicted to sugar and had suffered poor health. It was with this frustration he set out to transform his mind and body into the “Godfather of Fitness” he is known as today.

Success is desiring knowledge. Jack says he became a voracious reader and absorbed everything that would help him to improve himself.

Success is not being satisfied with helping only yourself, but doing all you can to help others. Jack was determined to share his newly found secrets (remember, back in 1936 they were secrets) of health and fitness with others. In 1936, at age 21, he opened the first modern health studio.

Success is acquiring specialized knowledge. In just a few short years, Jack had learned more about the workings of the muscles in the body than most doctors.

Success is doing what you know is right despite “professional” criticism. “People thought I was a charlatan and a nut,” Jack says. “The doctors were against me—they said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks, and they would lose their sex drive; women would look like men. Even the coaches predicted that athletes would get muscle bound and didn’t want them to work out with weights.”

Success is innovation. Jack developed the first models of the exercise equipment that is standard in the health spas of today.

Success is overcoming adversity. Jack was forced to give up golf many years back due to a serious automobile accident. Despite doctors telling him his golfing days were over, Jack proved he could overcome adversity by not only golfing once again, but shooting considerably better at age 82 than he did at age 50.

Success is the constant pursuit of doing what you love doing best. Even at the mature age of 88, Jack continued to tour the world with his wife, giving motivational lectures on exercise and nutrition.