Year To Success

Lesson 45: Inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947–) made his mark first in the field of professional bodybuilding, then in Hollywood.

Success is having goals, even if your goals change. Young Arnold had a goal as a boy in Austria: to get on the local soccer team. In order to reach his goal, he started working out with weights. In a very short time, Arnold found a new passion that would lead him to success.

Success is extreme determination. As a teenager back in Austria, Schwarzenegger was so determined to become the greatest bodybuilder in history that he would break into the gym to train on Sundays. It is said that he would train until he collapsed from exhaustion.

Success is having controlled obsessions. Schwarzenegger was said to have been “obsessed with money” early in his life, and he took the steps he felt were necessary to attain wealth, including studying business and economics at the University of Wisconsin.

Success is having a dream. Arnold had a dream: to become the best bodybuilder in the world. He did not slow down until his dream became a reality in 1975 when he won his sixth consecutive Mr. Olympia title.

Success is compassion. Arnold temporarily stopped competing because he felt he “wasn’t giving others a chance to win.”

Success is a lifestyle. Although Arnold reached his dream in 1975, he continued to have more dreams and more goals including acting, politics, business ownership, real estate, family, sharing, and more. In just about all areas, Arnold has become a huge success.

Success is helping others less fortunate. In 1990, Schwarzenegger was named chairman of President George Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness. For many years, he has supported sports programs for underprivileged children, including the Inner-City Games and the Special Olympics.

Success is not avoiding failure. Despite Arnold’s successful acting career, he has produced several “disappointing” films over the years, but never ceases to keep turning out the blockbusters.

Success is sharing knowledge with others. Arnold has literally shaped the bodybuilding community by writing several books on the subjects of fitness and nutrition. His experiences, knowledge and beliefs have been an inspiration to millions of people around the world who strive to live a fit lifestyle.