Year To Success

Lesson 3: Why Success?

As humans, we are all driven by an inner desire to feel important. That is, we all want to know that our lives make a difference in a positive way. We want to know that in some way, the world is a better place because we are part of it. Success is another way of saying that we are doing just that.

Many people aspire to nothing more than going through a day’s work and catching the game on the sports channel before passing out on the couch, while others spend 18 hour days in the emergency room saving lives, create works of art that touch the lives of millions, or donate hospitals to cities. Those who do not desire success will rarely achieve it. You must be ready for it and pursue it with a passion.

The definition of success is personal to each one of us. However, most people include the following in their definition of success:

  • living your dream
  • living every day with passion
  • having true wealth; that is, knowing you have more than you need
  • learning appreciation and gratitude
  • positively influencing the lives of others in some way
  • true happiness
  • having loved ones with whom to share it all

Decades of research into what makes people flourish (another word for succeed) has resulted in the development of positive psychologist Martin Seligman’s Well-being theory and its five dimensions: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, achievement, and meaning/purpose (PERMA). When thinking about your definition of success, I encourage you to consider each dimension and how you can incorporate it into your definition of success.

If you are currently only interested in financial gain, and that alone is your definition of success, that is fine. No matter what your definition and ultimate goal, pursue it with passion and determination. However, a word of caution: with the pursuit of money alone, you will find that once you have it, there is still very much missing in your life.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and more important, day one of a series of 366 days that will have a significantly positive influence on your life. Mark this day as the day you made a commitment to change your life for the better and start embracing life rather than just living it.