Year To Success

Lesson 38: Customer Service

Everyone should be an expert in customer service. Customer service skills are used in just about every job and career there is. People often do not feel the need to learn customer service skills because they do not deal with “customers.” They may not deal with a group that is referred to as “customers,” but they do deal with customers. For example,

  • Doctors have patients
  • Lawyers have clients
  • Teachers have students
  • Police have citizens [to protect]
  • Writers have readers
  • Babysitters have kids
  • has members

Take, for example, the high school janitor (or custodial technician to be P.C.). He can go about his day mopping floors and keeping to himself. However, he can also have a very positive influence on students by greeting students, learning their names, smiling and getting them to smile back, helping new students find their way around, personally returning lost items to students, etc.

Success in any industry begins with the use of exceptional customer service skills. Do not assume that just because your “customers” have nowhere else to go for your services, as in the case of a police officer protecting her citizens, that treatment of customers is any less important. People are people—in any industry—and should be treated as valued customers. It is just the right thing to do. If you have just your own self-interest in mind, then realize how you treat customers will ultimately reflect on you and your performance on the job. Likeability is a major factor in salary increases and promotions. Building positive relationships with your customers also makes your job a whole lot easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding. In business especially, exceptional customer service is a must.

Throughout this program, I will be sharing ideas on customer service. It is important to realize that this does apply to you. Even if you believe the job you are currently in requires no customer service skills whatsoever, if you are striving for success, whatever you do to get there will require customer service skills. Become an expert in customer service and both your “customers” and superiors will appreciate you more for it.