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How To Turn Your Book Into a Bestseller

Presented by Bo Bennett, PhD

As founder of eBookIt.com, I have a privileged perspective of what works when it comes to book marketing and promotion, having worked with thousands of authors over the years. In this course, I share this information with you.

Learn What It Takes To Make Your Book a Bestseller—At Any Budget

Learn what steps you need to take before you start promoting
Learn the basics of a good author website
Learn what a good PR kit comprises
Master social media for book promotion
Learn many marketing techniques that don't require money
Learn how to use the power of reviews
And much more

This course comprises dozens of the best book marketing and promotion strategies combined with the personal assistance of a trained instructor to help you execute these strategies.

My first book, Year To Success, was based on the concept that success is not about a few secrets, but hundreds and even thousands of small changes you can make in the area of self-improvement that will greatly increase your chances of success. The same concept holds true for marketing and promoting your book. This course comprises dozens of the best strategies combined with the personal assistance of a trained instructor to help you execute these strategies. Each lesson in this course focuses on one strategy.

Some ideas take time and some cost money. Depending on how much time and money you have to invest in your book, you can choose the strategies that work best for you. This course has something for everyone.

This course is based on my ebook, 101 Book Marketing Ideas, which in turn is based on my own experience as an author, as well as advice and feedback from many other authors. My book Logically Fallacious has been in the top 5 books sold at eBookIt.com consistently, usually making #1. This course goes beyond the free ebook 101 Book Marketing Ideas where, in each lesson, I provide a detailed audio and/or video explanation/demonstration of the idea.

You might notice that I am not shy about mentioning my own books and business where appropriate. Consider that a bonus tip :) Be proud of your work.

I look forward to having you as a student!


This course was designed for students 13 and up.

Personalized Feedback

Unlike most online courses unaffiliated with a university, each lesson in this course includes assignments that are manually evaluated by the instructor with detailed feedback provided (instructor evaluated course option only).

Learning Resources

For this course, text, audio, and video resources are used. All of the resources are compatible with virtually all modern web-browsers and mobile devices.

Instructor Availability

The instructor is available for students to discuss course-specific content via e-mail, online chat, Skype, and telephone for the first six months of the course (instructor-evaluated option only).


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Required Resources

There are no required resources for this course.

Optional Resources

There are no optional resources for this course.

Course Organization

This course begins with an introduction lesson, then the other lessons presented are in no particular order. You are free to skip around to the lessons that interest you most at the time and complete the lessons in any order.


This course is graded on a pass/redo scale. When lessons are reviewed, the student will either get a "pass" or a "redo". Students can redo assignments as many times as they like. All of the lessons are evaluated by both manual review of lesson-specific assignments and automatic grading of quizzes.

Student Evaluation

This course contains instructor-reviewed assignments, self-evaluated assignments, and multiple choice quizzes. There are no due dates or time limits on any of the assignments or quizzes.

Student Expectations

As a self-paced course, there are no time expectations. However, student support is limited to 6 months from the start of the course date. Students are expected to communicate with instructors and other students in a professional and respectful manner.

This Syllabus May Be Updated

The contents of this syllabus may change from time to time. All students will be notified by e-mail of any significant changes.

Lessons in this Course

Click on any lesson below to see the lesson details. If you are a student and logged in, or if the lesson is a sample lesson, you will be able to go to the lesson.

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson #1: Course Introduction

In this introductory lesson, we discuss what a "bestseller" is and what it takes to have a bestseller. We discuss the course and what to expect, and cover the three key points regarding this course.

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Section 2: First Things First

Lesson #2: Prepare to "Pitch" Your Book

You should always be ready to give a very detailed, persuasive, and succinct (15-30 second) pitch for your book to anyone willing to listen. Other pitches are described from the book, To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink.

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Lesson #3: Edited for Success

Editing is an investment in time and/or money, but one of the best investments you can make regarding your book's success. A book filled with typos and grammatical errors will most likely result in poor reviews. In this lesson, we cover many strategies for editing, both free and paid.

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Lesson #4: Create an Attractive Cover

In this lesson, we will go over the elements of a great book cover design. People really do judge books by their covers. After distributing over 3,500 books for clients, I can confidently say this. It is a small investment for a big result.

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Lesson #5: Make Your Book Available in Multiple Formats

By having a print, ebook, and audio version of your book, you can potentially triple your sales by making your book available to the widest possible readership. With each format, the financial investment can be as little as nothing (if you can do it all yourself) to a few thousand dollars (using professional actors to narrate your book, professional designers, etc.).

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Lesson #6: Get a Professional Author Photo Taken

Your photo is an important part your online presence. Media outlets want to associate a face with a book to "humanize" their stories. Not having a photo or having a poor quality photo make the difference between getting press or getting ignored.

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Lesson #7: Create a Video Trailer

This can be linked to your Amazon author page, uploaded to YouTube, linked to your ecommerce store, and used in many places to help sell and promote your book.

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Lesson #8: Create a Book/Author Website or Blog

Devote an entire website to your book. Include reviews, author information, blog posts, press kit, sample ebook files, updates, and more. If you have several books, you might want to have a single author website listing all your books.

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Lesson #9: Create an Amazon Author Page

Promote yourself and your book at the world’s largest eBook retailer via the author pages.

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Lesson #10: Create a PR Kit

A public relations (PR) kit contains everything a media source needs to write a good story on you and/or your book. This should be a well-crafted PDF available for download on your website, or handy on your computer to send via e-mail.

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Section 3: Using Social Media

Lesson #11: Create a Facebook Fan Page

In this lesson, I show you how to use Facebook, the social network with over 1 billion members, to post information about your book, interact with readers, collect “likes,” and sponsor posts and create ads for your book.

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Lesson #12: Use LinkedIn

"Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities." LinkedIn has over 200 million members. Paid advertising available.

Lesson #13: Use Twitter

“Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply find the accounts you find most compelling and follow the conversations.”

Section 4: Quick Strategies With Big Impact

Lesson #14: Create an E-mail Signature Promoting Your Book

In this lesson we will create a signature on all of your devices. Every time you send or reply to an e-mail, you will be advertising your book. Include a little info about the book, a quote, or an endorsement, along with the URL where one can order the book.

Lesson #15: Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts monitors the web for any key term then can e-mail you the links to where this key term was used. The idea is to monitor the web for your book title or name, and respond to critics or interact with prospective readers. Another use is to monitor key phrases associated with your book, then participate in the comments section and subtly promote your book.

Lesson #16: Join the Goodreads.com Author Program

From Goodreads.com: The Goodreads Author Program is a completely free feature designed to help authors reach their target audience — passionate readers. This is the perfect place for new and established authors to promote their books.

Add a picture and bio.

Share your list of favorite books and recent reads with your fans!

Write a blog and generate a band of followers.

Publicize upcoming events, such as book signings and speaking engagements.

Share book excerpts and other writing.

Write a quiz about your book or a related topic.

Post videos.

Add the Goodreads Author widget to your personal website or blog to show off reviews of your books.

Sign up to advertise your book to the Goodreads Community—30 million readers!

List a book giveaway to generate pre-launch buzz.

Participate in discussions on your profile, in groups, and in the discussion forums for your books.
Section 5: Harness the Power of Reviews

Lesson #17: Ask Friends and Colleagues to Review Your Book

Reviews are very important on sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Goodreads and other retailer sites. Provide a free copy of your book to those close to you who you are confident will like your book, then ask them to review your book at these retailer’s websites.

Lesson #18: Ask for Endorsements

The right endorsement can raise the profile of your book and help you sell more copies. Ask for reviews people who you want associated with your book, especially people that your readers will know and respect, such as experts in your field.

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Lesson #19: Collect Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

Reviews can make or break your book. Many positive and unbiased reviews can be better than thousands of dollars of marketing. In this lesson, we talk about how to get these reviews.

Lesson #20: Give Out Evaluation Copies to Influential Bloggers

Give free copies of your full book to bloggers who you think might write (favorably) about your book. In this lesson, we discuss how to locate these bloggers, how to find their contact information, what to send them, and what to do after.

Lesson #21: Contact Trade Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Media Outlets

Get your book in the hands of those who might write about it. Going after the more mainstream media sources may be a more risky move, based on time and money spent, but can certainly pay off big. Remember that there are thousands of media outlets that make their money by reporting stories of interest to their audience. Your book is one of interest!

Section 6: Promote Away!

Lesson #22: Send an Online Press Release Announcing Your Book

Press releases are picked up by journalists, the media, bloggers, and others who might be interested in reporting on your book. Good media coverage can result in countless sales. There are both free and paid options available.

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Lesson #23: Adding to the Conversation

Most websites that post articles have a comments section. Become an active commenter and be sure to end each post with your name and “author of” followed by the name of your book.

Lesson #24: Be a Guest on Talk Radio Shows or Podcasts

There are many talk radio shows and podcasts looking for good content. Call or e-mail the producer of the show, tell them your story, and let them know you are available for an interview. Be on the lookout for radio stations that charge you for being on. These are generally NOT the ones you want to be on.

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Lesson #25: Contribute to a Charitable Cause

If your book is about cancer, give a portion of your profits to cancer research. Advertise this on the book cover or in the description of the book. This is not only a great community service, but a great marketing strategy as well.

Lesson #26: Create Your Own Podcast

Start a podcast related to your area of expertise or related to your book. Grow your listenership and market your book to your listeners.

Lesson #27: Use Google Adwords

This is a way to get traffic to your website where your book is being sold, promote a blog or website, or promote a press release.

Lesson #28: Give Free Lectures

Give a talk on some topic relating to your book, then sell your book at the event. Be sure to ask the audience to buy your book.

Lesson #29: Go On a Book Signing Tour

Many book stores will be happy to have you sign your books at their store. This is a great way to get exposure and to sell copies of your book.

Lesson #30: Donate Your Book

Identify people and organizations that could use your book and just give it to them. This will increase your readership, and might result in more sales.

Lesson #31: Participate in or Create Joint Ventures

In this lesson we will discuss how to identify people who have large lists of people who might be interested in your book.
Section 7: Conclusion

Lesson #32: Other Ideas for Turning Your Book Into a Bestseller

There are many other ideas that you can implement to make your book a bestseller. In this lesson, I quickly go over several more of them, and leave you with some parting advice. The quiz for this lesson is 100 questions randomly taken from the other lessons. Time to see how much you have learned!

About Your Instructor

Bo Bennett, PhD. Robert "Bo" Bennett started "Adgrafix", a graphic design firm, right after graduating Bryant University in 1994, with a bachelor's degree in marketing. In 1995, he sold the graphic design business but kept the name "Adgrafix" that he used for his new web hosting company. As a self-taught programmer, Bo created one of the first (perhaps the first) web-based affiliate systems and web-based web hosting interfaces. He built Adgrafix to a 5 million dollar a year business, then sold it to Allegiance Telecom in 2001.

A day after he sold Adgrafix, Bo started Archieboy Holdings, LLC as a holding company for many different web properties, some of which have become their own entities, and sold to new owners, and others which he is still running today. One of the past sales include Boston Datacenters -- the distressed datacenter in Charlestown, MA purchased by Bo from former HarvardNet founder. He took the company from losing tens of thousands of dollars per month to profitability in less than a year. In two years time, he sold the property to Hosted Solutions. Today, the property is owned by Windstream and it remains one of the premier datacenters in New England.

Bo is currently the founder and CEO of eBookIt.com, a company that formats and distributes eBooks, print on demand, and digital audio books, as well as president of Archieboy Holdings. He holds a PhD in social psychology, with a master's degree in general psychology and bachelor's degree in marketing.

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Student Testimonials

A great course! Really gave me confidence in my ability to bring my book, "Find Your Purpose, Using Science," to a broad audience. I especially appreciated the 6 different pitches, coming up with them gave me a lot of new ideas for how both to promote my book, and co-brand it with the nonprofit I co-founded, Intentional Insights, dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals, including their life goals such as finding meaning and purpose. Thank you, Bo!

Gleb Tsipursky
Self-Evaluated Option
Student since Jan 19 2015
Day 1827 of enrollment

I like how the course is presented in small pieces of relevant information.

Mark Van Dyke
Self-Evaluated Option
Student since Oct 12 2017
Day 829 of enrollment

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